Teaching plan on maternity


Nursing care plans related to the care of the pregnant mother and her infant. Includes care plans for maternity and obstetric nursing: labor and delivery, cesarean birth, placenta previa and more.

NURS262S Nursing Care of Women’s HealthMaternity Teaching Plan AssignmentUsing a maximum of 10-15 minutes,teach your postpartum client something about takingcare of herself &/or her baby. The objective of this assignment is to create anoutlineof thepresentation that each student will discuss with their client &/or the other students during post-conference. This is anindividualstudent assignment and should be on different topics.I.Choose a topicthat is relevant to your newborn and its mother. Appropriate topics can include,but are not limited to: breastfeeding (ex. latch, positions, engorgement, mastitis, etc.), formulapreparation, pumping, manual expression of breast milk, breast- milk storage, infant sleep safety,infant reflexes, car seat safety, bathing baby, circumcision care, hepatitis B vaccine, taking ababy’s temperature, infant massage, baby blues and shaken baby syndrome, etc.