Modeling Practicum Experience Plan


Assignment 2: Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)

Your Practicum experience includes working in a clinical setting that will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed as an advanced practice nurse. In your practicum experience, you will develop a practicum plan that sets forth objectives to frame and guide your practicum experience.

As part of your Practicum Experience Plan, you will not only plan for your learning in your practicum experience but also work through various patient visits with focused notes as well as one (1) journal entry.

Complete each section below.

Part 1: Quarter/Term/Year and Contact Information

Section A

Quarter/Term/Year: Pract-2022-Fall

Student Contact Information

Name: Ariel Cordova Lopez

Street Address: 7123 West 4th Way

City, State, Zip: Hialeah, FL 33014

Home Phone:

Work Phone:

Cell Phone: (786) 715-5712



Preceptor Contact Information

Name: Jose Antonio Vergara, PMHNP

Organization: Miami Primary Healthcare

Street Address: 1275 w 47th Place, Suite 307

City, State, Zip: Hialeah, FL 33012

Work Phone:

Cell Phone: (786) 722 – 0999


Professional/Work E-mail:

Part 2: Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives

Objective 1: make improvements in my laboratory skills.

Planned Activities: It is important to develop proper assessment skills. One way of improving my laboratory skills is by working closely with my preceptor. This would help me understand with clarity the stages that should be followed when conducting a laboratory assessment. Patients with psychological needs require to be comprehensively assessed using the available assessment tools. This would help I n promoting a comprehensive laboratory assessment that meets the needs of the patients. Mode of Assessment: laboratory skills can be improved by evaluating the laboratory evaluation steps followed when conducting laboratory procedure.

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed: Outcome of the laboratory skills can be determined .through accuracy in assessing patient symptoms when using DSM-5. Timely assessment of the patients would also help in establishing gaining laboratory skills.

Objective 2: Demonstrate teamwork skills that would be instrumental in working with other professionals in a healthcare setting.

Planned Activities: Activities of improving teamwork skills would be to encourage everyone to participate in a team and give their views regarding diverse issues facing them. I would also focus on following directions and asking questions to my preceptor when I do not understand something (Wright et al., 2021).

Mode of Assessment: I would focus on assessing each member of the team to ascertain that they are working as members of the team. It is also important to assess whether the members of the team possess are good role models to guide others when they face challenges at work.

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed: The outcomes will be assessed through demonstration of clear communication and teamwork. All the stakeholders should work collaboratively with others.

Objective 3: enhance an efficient work environment that provides conducive work setting that accommodates all the professionals within the work setting and creates opportunities for professional growth.

Planned Activities: stress management is one of the activities that would be implemented. Promoting mindfulness meditation would play a significant role to promote confidence in the work and following the directions of my preceptor to deliver the best results to the clients.

Mode of Assessment: the clients would be assessed based on their mental status and how well they can implement their activities. Demonstration of calmness in how one implements their tasks would also assess their ability to be competent in their duties.

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed: demonstrate efficiency in delivery of care to clients when they need them and improve their self-evaluation skills to improve their personal competencies.

How Practicum Experience Will help achieve the Goals

Practicum experience creates an opportunity to learn from others and enhance my abilities in the enhancement of my skills. It will help me work alongside other experienced professionals and learn about signs and symptoms associated with psychiatric disorders with my clients. This would help in the interpretation of these symptoms and order appropriate treatment for the patient. Communication is another important aspect of psychiatric care, which will be improved through interactions with other professionals. I learn to promote communication with clients and other professionals. This is important for promoting inter-professional collaboration in psychiatric care that is needed to promote holistic care for the patient. Communication also helps in the assessment of patient history which is important in making diagnosis related decisions. Practicum experience will also be instrumental to my learning on how to work in a diverse workplace environment based on the diverse cultures and beliefs. Understanding the beliefs of clients are diverse is a primary criterion in ensuring patient’s ethical and moral aspects of care are respected and are not violated when offering. This would help in developing a rapport that would promote honesty and trust in the dispenses of services to clients in future.

Selected Nursing Theories

Modeling and Remodeling

The nursing theory selected is modeling and role-modeling theory. The theory highlights that counselors are responsible for recognize and support patients based on their specific needs. The nurse needs to be respectful of the patients’ needs in order to promote trust and respect. The theory is built on psychological model that recognizes the needs of the patients and cognitive development theory. Therefore, this theory would be helpful to nurses because it helps in getting the information needed from the client. The theory helps in recognizing the unique needs of the patient by focusing on the guidelines that identifies the patient based on the theory. Therefore, doing so would help the psychiatric nurse in providing appropriate interventions to ensure healing of the patient. The theory also makes it possible to collaborate with other professional and make adjustment to care plans as need be (Erickson, 2017).

Counseling Theory

One of the areas that I needed to focus on improving is the identification of signs and symptoms relating psychological disorders. The counseling theory would be instrumental in recognizing behavioral changes among patients. This would help in understanding their behavior and thoughts. In this regard, cognitive behavioral theory is inevitably recognizing the behavior of the clients and relate with their corresponding symptoms. Cognitive-behavioral therapy theory would help in assessment of the patients and making diagnostic recommendations that are suitable for the client, and how they would potentially impact the behavior and feelings of the client. Therefore, the theory would help in influence the behavior of the client so that they can develop attitudes and behaviors that are positive and influence their thinking to promote positive outcomes of the diagnosis (Karyotaki et al., 2021). This would help promote self-awareness, which will help in achieving diagnostic goals for the clients.

Part 3: Projected Timeline/Schedule

Estimate how many hours you expect to work on your Practicum each week. * Note: All of your hours and activities must be supervised by your Preceptor and completed onsite. Your Preceptor will approve all hours, but your activities will be approved by both your Preceptor and Instructor. Any changes to this plan must be approved.

This timeline is intended as a planning tool; your actual schedule may differ from the projections you are making now.

I intend to complete the 160 Practicum hours (as applicable) according to the following timeline/schedule. I also understand that I must see at least 80 patients during my practicum experience. I understand that I may not complete my practicum hours sooner than 8 weeks. I understand I may not be in the practicum setting longer than 8 hours per day unless pre-approved by my faculty.

Number of Clinical Hours Projected for Week (hours you are in Practicum Setting at your Field Site)Number of Weekly Hours for Professional Development (these are not practicum hour)Number of Weekly Hours for Practicum Coursework (these are not practicum hours)
Week 134
Week 21634
Week 31634
Week 41634
Week 51634
Week 61634
Week 71634
Week 81634
Week 91634
Week 101634
Week 111634
Total Hours (must meet the following requirements)160 Hours33 Hours44 Hours

Part 4 – Signatures

Student Signature (electronic): Ariel Cordova Lopez Date: 09/10/2022

Practicum Faculty Signature (electronic)**: Date:

** Faculty signature signifies approval of Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)

Submit your Practicum Experience Plan on or before Day 7 of Week 2 for faculty review and approval.

Once approved, you will receive a copy of the PEP for your records. You must share an approved copy with your Preceptor. The Preceptor is not required to sign this form.