The essay geekensure to cite all the works. Readings 1. Paechter C. (2005) Masculine femininities/feminine masculinities: power identitie

you will develop 6 take-home messages.  ensure to cite all the works. Readings 1. Paechter C. (2005) Masculine femininities/feminine masculinities: power identities and gender. Gender and Education 18 (3) pp. 253-263. discussion presented here will explore the construction of masculinity and femininity and the power associated with related culture behavior.2. Rosario M. Schrimshaw E. W. Hunter J. & Braun L. (2006). Sexual identity development among gay lesbian and bisexual youths: Consistency and change over time. Journal of Sex Research 43(1) 46–58. paper explores young people’s development of a sexual identity as it relates to their sexual minority status.3. Saewyc E. M. (2011). Research on adolescent sexual orientation: Development health disparities stigma and resilience. Journal of Research on Adolescence 21(1) 256–272. article provides data linking sexual orientation to health stigma and resilience.4.  Savin-Williams R. C. (2018). Developmental trajectories and milestones of sexual-minority youth. In The Cambridge Handbook of Sexual Development 156–179. doi: 10.1017/9781108116121.009. This article provides updated information and terminology about a population previously labeled as gay youth. It will provide you with more information on the ways in which sexual minority youth develop their sexual identities.5. Texts on Transgender Teens.(n.d.). Mcnallyrobinson. Fact Sheet – transgender & gender nonconforming youth in school. (n.d.). Sylvia Rivera Law Project.  Oct 11 2021