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comic books religion etc…. but do not use one of the examples from the slideshow! Come up with your own example.  If you note instances in which your chosen hero does not conform to the Family Romance make a note of that too!  Remember sometimes the role is reversed.  For example the hero is usually the child of distinguished parents but raised by humble foster parents or animals.  However Moses is a good case of the opposite- he was born of humble parents and raised by distinguished foster parents.  Keep your eyes out for this sort of thing.  To recap you need to:1. Identify a hero (or heroine) not already covered in the slides2. Demonstrate how their story conforms to the Family Romance formula.3. Note variations or omissions of parts of the formula.4.  Let us know the culture from which the story originates (for example Batman comes from American pop culture Sampson comes from the Hebrews Seigfreid comes from ancient Germanic legend etc….).What can we tell about the values beliefs culture etc…  of the her you chose based upon their story? Are any of the traits they exemplify in some way universal or do they exemplify values and the like that are more specific to the culture that produced them?Have some fun with this discussion!  Feel free to include supporting images!Don’t be afraid to express opinions you have formed in reading this week’s assigned text and presentation but back your opinions up with citations from the textbook or other sources letting us know what your sources of information are. May 05 2021