The essay geekYour task for this Research Assignment is to explore one of the many issues findings or questions related to drugs and crime

addiction and criminal behavior drugs and delinquency and so forth. Your task for this Research Assignment is to explore one of the many issues findings or questions related to drugs and crime. For example:Is there a trend in the kinds of crimes that are committed by a certain type types of drug user?Does drug use cause crime? Does crime necessarily correlate with drug use? Work here on a specific drug or class of drugs and its relationship to crime.Have changes in drug laws either at the federal or state level had any effect on criminal behavior or the trafficking in illicit drugs?What kinds of crimes involve prescription medicines?Does drug use cause violence? Are violent crimes correlated with the use of certain kinds of drugs? What is the relationship between alcohol use and domestic violence for example?Does criminal behavior lead one into drug use or is the opposite true?Does drug use have any relationship to white collar crime domestic violence property crime motor vehicle accidents/homicides arson burglary etc.Do new marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado have an impact on criminal behavior?Is the consumption of alcohol or cigarette smoking a crime if a woman is pregnant?And so forth. One may certainly pick her or his own topic related to criminal behavior.These are just a few examples of topics to explore for this papert and the list is far from exhaustive. Be creative but be sure to focus on just one drug or one class of drugs or drug activity—-and/or one criminal behavior.In addition find at least one academic journal article published since the year 2000 or more recently that relates to the question about drugs and crime that you’ve raised. Describe how this journal article relates or sheds light on the issue of concern. Remember let the reader know you read the full-text article and not merely a summary; elaborate provide some details.  Elaborate and provide some details from the article. Assume your reader is most interested in details and data that may be revealed in an academic journal article. In addition better papers mention one or two strengths and/or weaknesses of the journal article. Review the Paper Grading Rubric  in your RESOURCES section. In addition before you begin your research paper read the following short handouts available down at the RESOURCES section of your MODULES page:  (1) Definition of an Academic Journal; (2)  APA Style;  (3)  Things to Remember about Your Research Paper; (4) How to Write a Better Research Paper; and (5) Plagiarism and the 6 Word Rule.  Then check out the model papers.  Finally begin collecting information about your paper and making an outline/writing.Turning in your Research Assignment Paper requires that you submit it in two places: First submit your paper to be graded (you will see the submission page by clicking Next at the bottom of this page.Second post your completed paper in the Week 4 Drugs and Crime forum (discussion board). You will see the Discussion Board on the page after your file submission page.  Here other students may read your paper and if they wish make a positive/productive comment about it; no criticisms only give compliments and/or identify an interesting aspect of the paper you enjoyed. Any comments made here are not part of the Class Participation activity. Comments here do not generate points and are strictly optional Mar 19 2021