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imagine that you have been hired by a textbook publisher to create lesson activities for Cognintion. You are not being asked to create a complete lesson plan for a unit. Rather you are being asked to carefully constructyou want the student to understand concept of information processing in memory origin of language.well-articulated instructional objectives and to explain and justify learning activities that align with each of those objectives across two different learning need to create objectives characterize your objectives (action condition criterion; subject matter expert or performance technology; ABCD approach terminal or enabling). Then your objectives need to address at least two different learning domains. You can combine more than one per objective or you can choose to do one per objective. Finally you have to create a learning activity for each objective.The activity has to align with the intent of the objective and/or the domainFor example  you may want students to learn about different aspects of cognition. you must then create two appropriate instructional objectives for the students that address at least two different learning domains.  You may find it helpful to review the Brown and Green (2016 pp 91-92 reading. In your paper be certain to explain these characteristics of your instructional objectives and justify why you chose these particular approaches for your desired learning outcome:·         Will your instructional objectives have an action condition and criterion?·         Will the objective be determined by a subject matter expert or by a performance technology approach?·         Will you follow the ABCD approach to constructing objectives?·         Will your objectives be terminal or enabling? Your instructional objectives will also need to address at least two different learning domains: affective cognitive psychomotor. You may combine more than one learning domain within a single objective or you may address one domain per objective. You may find it helpful to review the Brown and Green reading (pp. 34-36). Please remember that a learning domain should carefully align with the appropriate intent of the instructional objective. For example you may want to focus on the psychomotor learning domain and create the following terminal instructional objective:Working in pairs students will create a poster successfully explaining at least two different strategies for the treatment of major clinical depressionFinally you will justify a learning activity for each instructional objective. An instructional activity focuses on what the student does in the classroom. What activities occur during the instructional time? You may find it helpful to review “Activities based on proven effective practices” in the Brown and Green reading (p 125-132). Nine categories are listed in the reading; you may find it particularly helpful to make your selection from these nine categories. In your paper justify your selection and be certain to explain how the choice of activity aligns with the intent of the instructional objective and/or learning domain.For example because students will be working with a partner to study the treatment of depression a team member might suggest a cooperative learning activity such as a think-pair-share during the classroom instructional time.This assignment is essentially asking you to put into practice what you have learned about instructional design. You should write your portion of the assignment as if this will be presented to a teacher as part of the supplemental materials received from a textbook publisher. This means you need to include justification of your choices supported by the evidence and carefully explain your decisions.You  will then need to write an introduction to your work. Remember you are creating a collection of suggestions as part of a textbook publisher’s supplemental materials. Now that you have several pieces across a specific social studies content area write an introduction that explains how the project was completed. How were choices made about which learning activities to include? In what ways did the learning domains influence choices? Your introduction should include a discussion addressing the relevancy of the pieces and the effort that was made to help should expect to contribute 3-4 pages (double-spaced Times New Roman 12-point font). In addition to the course resources the project should include a minimum of 3 outside sources to justify your choices. Check all content for grammar and spelling. Be sure that you have properly cited all resources (in APA format) used Dec 19 2021