The essay geekYou are encouraged to use a fair amount of insight and discovery to learn about yourself in a new way through the completion

although it is understood that not all answers may be able to be found. You are encouraged to use a fair amount of insight and discovery to learn about yourself in a new way through the completion of this assignment. However there is no obligation to share information that you are not comfortable sharing; please use discretion with what you choose to post on this forum. I. Make an original post (20 points)For each of the four areas answer ONE bullet point of your choice using a 2-3 sentence paragraph. This should result in your original post being four paragraphs long with 2-3 sentences in each paragraph (for a total of 8-12 sentences in your entire post). Biological/ physical development:How did you react to the changes your body went through in puberty?Did you participate in any sports or physical activities and how did you grow in your abilities during this time?Describe your eating/ sleeping habits and activity level during adolescence. Would you say you had healthy habits during this time? Why?In hindsight what evidence can you find that your brain was still developing during your teen years?Cognitive/ psychological development:How did you begin to grasp and understand abstract concepts? Describe an experience in which you recognized a new depth to an old concept.What abstract concepts did you grapple with and how did they affect your understanding of the world around you?What new possibilities and facts did you discover that affected your decision making?How did you perform in school? How was this indicative of your cognitive development during this period?Social/ emotional development:What was your self-concept like during this time and why?How did you form your own sense of identity? Walk through your identity development.What were your interactions like with your parents your peers and the opposite sex? How did they change during this time?What did you envision for your future? What values and goals led you to establish this vision?Putting it all together:Discuss the experience of gathering this information and understanding your adolescent years in light of the information you know now through this course.II. Make two responses to your classmates (5 points each for a total of 10 points)For each response:Greet the student by name.Make note of something you found interesting/ compelling/ intriguing and why you found it to be so.Compare/ contrast some aspect of your classmate’s post to your own post. What is similar or different? Note: avoid simple/ surface comparisons. Think deeper.Include anything else you find relevant. Sign your name. Sep 12 2021