The essay geekYou also must attach proof of which one you did either by a photo or screenshot! We all know something about explicit racism

or Interactionist) to something in your life or out in the world. You also must attach proof of which one you did either by a photo or screenshot!We all know something about explicit racism or sexism and deliberate discrimination. But many of our prejudices are implicit—hidden in our own assumptions about how the world works and in the associations we make. For example you might believe that women should have the same opportunities as men in the workplace but you still might think consciously or unconsciously that male workers seeking promotion exhibit better “leadership qualities” than female workers. Where did your ideas about leadership come from and how are they associated with gender?Visit the Project Implicit Web site at Select the “Demonstration” option; after reading all of the orientation information you are able to select a test to take.Select at least one test related to race.  Some of the tests measure associations that may be unrelated to the content of this course. Feel free to take as many versions as you like.Complete the entire evaluation as honestly as possible until you reach the one-page assessment at the end. Read and save that page in your Bookmarks or Favorites or print it. When writing your reaction provide proof of the results by including a photo or screenshot the results!Did anything surprise you about your assessment? Were any of the questions difficult for you? Did answering them raise any questions or concerns for you? Include in your reaction paper when or how you might unintentionally discriminate against someone due to the associations you make between characteristics of people that you perceive and those that you cannot perceive (but assume). This may be a difficult task so press yourself to really dig deep in uncovering your hidden prejudices and acts of discrimination.Remember to apply at least ONE of the theoretical perspectives (Functionalist Conflict or Interactionist). May 07 2021