The essay geekWhat kind of experimental design did they use (case-control longitudinal retrospective etc. )?   How were the conditions c

or issues the authors were interested in?  What did they want to accomplish by investigating this problem?  Why and to whom would this research be important?Method – How was the research carried out?  Who participated in the study? What kind of experimental design did they use (case-control longitudinal retrospective etc.)?   How were the conditions changed during the experiment?  What investigative tools were used during the assessment of results?Results– What were the major research findings outcomes and conclusions?  Were they statistically significant?Implications/Conclusions–Is this material that other people should use or refer to?  What is the importance of the ideas processes treatments etc.? Are there new understandings that have resulted from this study?  Does it suggest a need for ongoing research and if so – what kind? ** Use of direct quotes should be minimized.  While you should describe scientific information clinical terms using the appropriate medical terminology you must clarify scientific words you’re reviewing to convey your understanding to me.  The use of personal pronouns (i.e. I you and we) should be avoided.APA Format  Nov 09 2021