The essay geekUse APA 7• The first page of each medical condition will focus on the overview of the selectedmedical condition. Include its

psychological impairment] & Spinal Cord Injury [Physical impairment](4 pages in total 1.5 lines-spacing). Use APA 7• The first page of each medical condition will focus on the overview of the selectedmedical condition. Include its etiology types associated impairments and disabilities and the ways in which the medical condition would affect one’s active lifestyles. On thispage students will also need to discuss other disabling conditions broadly that areassociated with the selected medical condition (e.g. societal attitudes such asstereotyping/stigmatization built environments and policies etc.).• In the second page of each medical condition students will need to provide variousideas of adaptation strategies for the selected individual group to participatemeaningfully in physical activity or leisure (e.g. sport recreation and physicaleducation; choose one specific context/setting). For example providing various meanssuch as zero-depth entry lift and a transfer wall in a swimming context would enhanceaccessibility for individuals with mobility impairments. Using equipment that has abuilt-in auditory aid (e.g. ball with a bell in it) in a physical education setting can be anadaptation strategy for students with visual impairments.• Try to expand your thinking to highlight various meaningful and innovative adaptationstrategies.• For each medical condition you should include a minimum of four references (i.e. eight in total) to support your discussion. Online resources (e.g. Cerebral PalsyCanada) are also acceptable for this assignment (make sure you follow the APA 7thedition referencing style).Your assignment will be assessed based upon the following criteria:• All the required information is included;• Overview of two medical conditions is thorough (i.e. good use of details);• Identification of disabling conditions is insightful/thoughtful (i.e. critical insight and freshnessof thought);• Adaptations are innovative meaningful and varied;• Respectful and consistent disability language is used;• Ideas are clearly presented and organized;• A sense of completeness about the handling of the topic is achieved;• Selection of references are well-aligned (i.e. intelligent use of sources);• It is well written (free of grammatical and spelling errors); and• The written report follows the formatting guidelines provided Mar 09 2021