The essay geekThis paper requires a minimum of 5 references. A central requirement of the paper will be  to write about the information you

(c) 5 pages of text and (d) a reference sheet.This paper requires a minimum of 5 references. A central requirement of the paper will be  to write about the information you gathered in your research –  as well as integrate course material in the paper. Some topics that students have used in the past include the following:  1. Psychological maltreatment of children and youth 2. Moral development in adolescence3. The company they keep: friendships in childhood and adolescence4.  Adolescent development in interpersonal and societal contexts5. Sexual development in adolescence6. What does parental divorce or marital separation mean for adolescents7. Online communication and adolescent relationships10. Bullying and cyberbullying11. Post-divorce: Mother – adolescent relationships10. Antisocial behavior and youth gang membership11. Hard to reach youth12. Adolescent romantic relationships13. Interventions to reduce unintended pregnancies among adolescents14. Homosexual teenagers15. Teenage runaways16. Teenagers and religion17. Characteristics of resilient adolescents that enable them to thrive in spite of significant adversity18. How can we best instill prosocial behavior in adolescents?19. Meaningful differences between boys and girls in terms of self-esteem that emerge during adolescence20. The effects of homelessness on adolescents emotionally socially and academically21. Self-Esteem and Body Image22. Peer-Pressure and Competition23. Teen suicide24. Teens and sex:  the hookup culture25. Teen violent video games26. Teens: violence at home27. Missing teens: organ harvesting28. Female teen crave:  makeovers29. How to talk to and engage adolescents30. Problem of teenage crime31. Adolescents in prisons:  the face of the teen killer32. Teen school shootings33. Adolescent HIV/AIDS:  issues and challenges34. Adolescent health35.What can go wrong during adolescent:  psychosocial problems Mar 23 2021