The essay geekThere she met Lucia age 32 and her husband Martin who are also volunteers. Hannah and Lucia have become friends. Lucia’s g

and Dr. BhandariHannah the school counselor at Cargill Academy volunteers for Habitat for Humanity. There she met Lucia age 32 and her husband Martin who are also volunteers. Hannah and Lucia have become friends.Lucia’s grandmother Elena had come to live with Lucia and Martin about five years before when Elena’s husband died. Lucia has expressed concern to Hannah about Elena having gotten lost coming home from the daily walks to the park that she so enjoyed. On one occasion Martin and Lucia had gone to look for Elena and found her two miles away walking in the grocery store parking lot. On another occasion the police had found Elena wandering and had asked around to find out where Elena lived. Lucia and Martin were alarmed when the police brought her home. They are concerned about the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease and are afraid to leave Elena home alone.Hannah referred Lucia to Dr. Bhandari a specialist in aging and memory.Once Elena learned her granddaughter was planning to take her to the doctor she was very upset because she hadn’t been consulted first. Also Elena didn’t have any bothersome symptoms and decided there was no reason a doctor needed to see her. She felt that all she needed was more sleep.Lucia and Elena arrived at the doctor’s office and the nurse brought them back to the examination room. Elena was displeased but allowed the nurse to take her weight pulse and blood pressure. Once the nurse was finished she left the room and Dr. Bhandari came in. When Dr. Bhandari realized that Elena did not understand much English she turned and spoke directly to Lucia. Lucia struggled a bit in understanding what Dr. Bhandari was saying as she spoke with a thick Indian accent. She did understand enough to know that she wanted to order some tests for Elena. Neither of them explained the tests to Elena. Elena was furious and wanted to go home.Consider the individual family cultural beliefs and expectations and ethical issues the individuals must think about as the people in the case interact with each other. Consider the medical professionals’ roles with the patient.Brainstorm several alternatives for resolving the ethical dilemma in the case.Analyze alternatives for resolving the ethical dilemma and come to a conclusion.Analyze and document the possible ramifications for at least three alternatives. Then choose a course of action.Apply ethical codes and standards to support the plan of action.Explain the research methods used in multiple research studies relevant to the case and present the findings.Explain your course of action using research findings from at least two studies to support your plan. You can use (but are not required to use) additional research beyond the two studies to support your plan. Mar 13 2021