The essay geekThe sociological concept that can be applied to this song is functionalism. This song is using racial stereotypes that are im

Girl I know your secretGot that McNuggets LovinIt Just Ain’t fair Why can’t you share your love with me?Girl you got a 10 piece please don’t be stingayyy”.The sociological concept that can be applied to this song is functionalism. This song is using racial stereotypes that are implied norms of the African American society. This advertisement is using a stereotype that all African Americans love chicken nuggets and R&B music to sell a 10-piece chicken nugget. It is unfortunate that the song is catchy and sounds like it could be a hit. McDonald’s has lots of different food types but to use the singing black man to sell chicken nuggets is racist. The song also shows stereotyped division in the African American family. This commercial implies that the black woman is keeping secrets not sharing chicken nuggets and is disrespecting the black man by eating in his face. There are not too many media images of white women disrespecting their men. But mass media loves showing black women disrespecting men and creating a divide in the black family unit. African Americans eat meals together not just dancing singing and eating up all the nuggets. African Americans will always have the burden of trying to live down created stereotypes. (Boulton 2016)The advertisement also used a bad attempt to replicate Ebonics with broken English and slang. Even though his add resembled a smooth R&B track that implied an obvious break up over chicken nuggets it was not too bad. I used to like this commercial until I became a free thinker and saw problem with it. McDonald’s is not a healthy food choice at all. The nuggets are a processed food that is not healthy. Adding insult to injury you must use dipping sauces that add calories and contribute to poor health. Fast food is linked to obesity. Fast food industries have consistently used advertisements targeting African Americans. Fast food chains build locations in African American communities. (Yu Woo Hawkins & Iman 2018) Likewise the tobacco and alcohol industry has also. African Americans are perceived a large group of consumers. Therefore they are targeted in adds. After I watched this commercial on YouTube 10 times I stopped laughing and realized I was dancing to it. Ending the lyrics with “stingyyyy” was genius. Who wrote this track? Neyo? That sounds like Neyo? McDonald’s know they need to stop. This commercial is a cultural embarrassment. I am upset that as an African American I want to sing this song while eating a 10-piece chicken nugget.(2)This Coke is a Fanta In 2018 Coca-Cola launched a campaign aimed to subvert discrimination (Campaigns of the World 2018). All over the world people have different names or slurs for homosexuals and in Brazil they say that Coke is a Fanta. This may seem like an innocent little joke just like most slurs or expressions used to make the LGBTQ community feel small but Coca-Cola decided to flip the narrative and take the power back. So on International LGBT Pride day Coca-Cola decided to take the expression and make it true the company literally designed Coke cans with Fanta in them. The can had the original logo on them and then right below it saying That Coke is Fanta so what? People loved this and applauded David The Agency for making the the agenda for the cans very obvious. This put the ball back into the LGBTQ communities court and gave them the power back. Below is the video from Coca-Cola campaign:IN 4-5 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSSION BOARD Nov 16 2021