The essay geekThe purpose of this project is to examine life-span characteristics in the elderly. You will interview one adult aged 65 or o

aim to interview someone above age 75 if possible.The purpose of this project is to examine life-span characteristics in the elderly. You will interview one adult aged 65 or older. Show or read to the person what the questions are and explain that identities will remain anonymous.  If your adult is willing to participate have the adult read and sign the informed consent form. Download the informed consent form. Phone/ video interviews are acceptable however original (not electronic) signatures are required on the informed consent form. Remember the person has the right to not answer a question or terminate the interview.  You must find another adult if the interview is not fully completed. In the interview establish first the person’s age gender occupation living/ familial situation and any other relevant information. You will then ask the questions here Download ask the questions here . Be sure to listen carefully and note the elaboration in responses. You may wish to record the interview (with the participant’s permission) and take notes from the recording after the interview has concluded so you are not distracted by writing/ typing during the interview. Ask any follow-up questions you find to be important.  First submit the signed consent form here. Posts without completed consent form will automatically receive zero credit. Submit your discussion post below. The original post will contain the following information (20 points total)Describe the adult including their relation to you age gender occupation familial situation and any other relevant information. DO NOT use the person’s name. You may wish to use a pseudonym (fake name). (5 points)Post the questionnaire with responses and include the participant’s elaborating remarks. (10 points)Reflect on the interview. What did you learn? What thoughts did you have while you conducted this interview? How was it exactly what you expected or different from what you expected? (5 points)Reply to TWO classmates’ posts. Each reply should include the following: (5 points each 10 points total)Greet the student by name.Make note of something you found interesting/ compelling/ intriguing from their post and why you found it to be so.Compare/ contrast some aspect of their interviewee to your own interviewee. What is similar or different? Note: avoid simple comparisons such as age gender etc. Dig deeper. Include anything else you find relevant. Sign your name. DO NOT e-mail any materials to your instructor as they will not be accepted for credit. Remember that the ethics training must be completed before you may perform your interview. Failure to complete the ethics training will result in a zero for this assignment. Remember also that you must submit the completed consent form in order to receive credit. Sep 22 2021