The essay geekThe most important characteristic in my opinion is happiness. There is a reason why people say if you love your job you’ll ne

safety income purpose happiness positivity or involvement ability to meet goals friendship and respect. The most important characteristic in my opinion is happiness. There is a reason why people say if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life. I have known many people that chase after a certain characteristic of a job such as a higher income only to come back to a lower-paying job because there are other more positive benefits that they find more important such as their happiness or friendships with their coworkers. I am currently a full-time student volunteering for a crisis text line. So while I am not employed I am spending a lot of time thinking about what kind of job I want to have for my future. I am pursuing this bachelor’s degree in Psychology because I want to be a crisis counselor. I did not choose this job because I expect a large financial compensation instead I chose it because it is something I am truly passionate about. I think a calling within employment is something that you genuinely love doing and would choose to do over anything else even if you weren’t being paid well. I think making a job your calling would be significantly harder than simply pursuing your calling however I think finding joys in the small routines of your job and taking pride in the things you do could help increase your satisfaction with your work. (2)Personally I think out of all the characteristics said in our textbook regarding gainful employment these are the most important to me: income for the family and oneself a purpose derived from providing a product or service happiness and satisfaction positive engagement and involvement and a working environment that respects and appreciates diversity. I have always believed that if I have a career that will pay my bills gives me the opportunity to help others and makes me happy I will be fulfilled! The characteristics above are necessary to me because I think for someone to truly obtain gainful employment you must have purpose as to why you are choosing that occupation/career path. I think purpose is what gives one motivation to continue in that certain path. Additionally having a career where you can impact one positively is one of the most rewarding jobs one can have. As we have read in our textbook that as we are helping other’s we are equally helping ourselves because of the positive affect it has on our lives. Lastly working in an environment where there is inclusion and respect makes a world of a difference because you are a representative of your organization and I will only work/support companies that are in line with my beliefs/values.  Although I have a job that I am proud of I would not call it a calling. I am patiently counting down the days where I graduate this will allow me to have more responsibilities/a bigger role in the organization I work for now. It will be then that I can work with children of all abilities and families on a more intimate level and be able to impact/help them even more opposed to the small role I play now. This will give me a bigger purpose and I know it will certainly bring me more joy and happiness!  IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSSION BOARD Apr 05 2021