The essay geekThe impact of digital technology on learning: A summary for the Education Endowment Foundation. Retrieved from: https://educa

you will find the following reading especially helpful:Higgins S. Xiao Z. & Katsipataki M. (2012). The impact of digital technology on learning: A summary for the Education Endowment Foundation. Retrieved from: This document includes numerous research studies you may choose to cite in your paper to support your claims. In your paper be certain to address the limitations or challenges to the evidence you provide. Submit a paper that is 2-3 pages in length excluding the Title and References pages. Your paper should be double-spaced and cite at least 2 outside sources and at least two from the ones given below in APA format. Your paper should be well-written and free from grammar spelling and content errors. Be sure that you have properly cited (in APA format) all resources used.Reference1. Brown A. H. & Green T. D. (2016). The essentials of instructional design: Connecting fundamental principles with process and practice. Routledge. the reading pp 87-134 (Part III)Ch 6: This reading explains how instructional designers create instructional goals and objectives which then determine what students will actually do during the instructional time with the teacher.Ch 7: This chapter introduces the principles processes and practices of organizing instruction which helps the designer determine the scope and sequence of the activities in which the learner will engage.Ch 8: The last reading in this set describes the variety of learning environments and instructional activities that may be incorporated into instructional design. It provides some flexibility for teachers to consider as part of their course.2. US Dept of Education. (2017). Reimaging the role of technology in education: 2017 National education technology plan update. Retrieved from: 28-40: Chapter 2 Teaching with Technology. Educators will be supported by technology that connects them to people data content resources expertise and learning experiences that can empower and inspire them to provide more effective teaching for all learners. The article includes descriptions of educator roles and examples of how technology can play an integral part in classroom instruction.Optional Video1. Montes B. (2014 January 1). Instructional design-Unit 6: Goal analysis [Video]. YouTube. video (7:09) reviews the major components of constructing the goals which are intended to direct the delivery of content. Particular attention is given to how teachers should analyze categorize and diagram goals of learning. Dec 03 2021