The essay geekThe assignment must be written in your own words and you must acknowledge any source that you use following APA documentati

you can consider your job as that of student or you can research a case online. The assignment must be written in your own words and you must acknowledge any source that you use following APA documentation guidelines.Here are a few common examples of workplace ethical dilemmas from which a case might be developed:Your organization’s hiring and promotion policies are fair on paper but are discriminatory in practice. What should you do?A colleague has been a victim of sexual harassment?  What can you do to help?Your organization’s marketing materials reinforce stereotypes yet they are effective at attracting new clients.  Should they be changed?You are the sole witness to a serious violation of company policy by another employee such as theft or embezzlement. Do you report the violation or keep it to yourself?You feel that a certain company policy is extremely unfair to employees or customers. You can easily ignore that policy without getting caught. What should you do?You are working on a team project. One team member does none of the work but takes all the credit when presenting it to upper management. What should you do?Your company is downplaying the risks limitations or flaws of a highly successful and profitable new product or service. What should you do?For your initial post answer the following questions in complete sentences:What was your ethical dilemma topic selection (from Week 2)?What is the specific case you have selected? Is it from your own workplace or based on research?What is the background of the case including it context and origin?What happened? Use the reporter’s questions of who what when where why and how.What makes this case an ethical dilemma? How might people with different ethical viewpoints perceive this case?If your case is based on research provide an APA-style reference for at least one high-quality source. Here is an example of a reference for an article found online:Chappell B. (2018 May 29). Starbucks closes more than 8 000 stores today for racial bias training. NPR. week’s discussion is worth 50 points.  The initial post is worth 30 points and each follow-up post is worth 10 points. Nov 10 2021