The essay geekTeachers would no longer need to teach the same lesson plans to a group of children that are on differing levels instead tea

and computer programs will be used to facilitate learning. Teachers would no longer need to teach the same lesson plans to a group of children that are on differing levels instead teachers would act as facilitators for learning and children would go at their own pace. This is already seen on a very small scale with some programs but with artificial intelligence advancing quickly VR programs in the future will be intuitive and versatile. Honestly part of me believes that AI advances will mean that people will not need to work and this will lead to an increase in VR being used for pleasure as well. People will have entire virtual lives and relationships addiction will happen and people will have strong opinions about VR just like they do now.(2)VR will enable us to rediscover and explore reality. I agree that virtual reality will allow us to explore the unknown and redefine what we do know. In my opinion virtual reality creates pathways to rediscover forms of dating shopping education and medicine. Growing up communication was mostly through word of mouth from friends family school. However times are changing and we are also exploring what we know and don’t while creating a new reality and forms of communication through technology. To begin we now live in a world of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. These are two apps that work on algorithms to match people with others that share similar interests. These apps are used by a variety of people such as business professionals adults or college students. There are some individuals who use these apps to fulfill desires chat or just to make friends. In essence dating apps offer people an easy way to meet their emotional needs. More than ever it is easier for people to browse a virtual library of suitable contenders.  Moreover fashion designers and companies are using the power of the internet and graphic design to create a platform for people to visually see outfits and clothing online without leaving the comfort of their own homes. Companies such as Amazon Shien or Glasses USA have features that allow a person to test an item in their home. For example they allow one to see how a piece of clothing would look on them via camera or phone. These sites are dedicated to making the shopping experience 100 percent online eliminating the need to commute to a store. Additionally education is an institution and integral part of our lives that has transitioned into a virtual experience for many this past year. Schools are using products such as computers iPads  and zoom to work together on assignments and lectures. The pandemic has contributed to the use of virtual reality in our daily lives. However in turn virtual reality has also allowed us to explore options when it comes to the ways one receives an education without adhering to the traditional classroom setting.   IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSSION BOARD Aug 25 2021