The essay geek(Support your answer with the readings from this Unit as well as knowledge from your own experiences. )2. Jumping right into

would you agree or disagree that it is difficult to be a highly effective teacher or principal without having a working knowledge of the research world and how it works? (Support your answer with the readings from this Unit as well as knowledge from your own experiences.)2.    Jumping right into your research proposal what topic would you like to explore and why is this of interest to you or important for you to research?3.    List your two to three applied research questions that will guide your research proposal. (Remember that applied research questions must be bias-free cannot make assumptions on the outcome focus on solving a current educational problem involving students and includes the intervention [strategy] that you plan to implement and study.) References1. Choosing & Using Sources: A guide to academic research. (n.d.). Teaching & Learning University Libraries. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. o Chapter 1 – Research Questionso We will be using this book throughout the first half of the course so it is highly recommended that you download a copy for quick reference. You can download the book from the Textbook page located on the course homepage. This book covers the basics of research.2. Baron M. A. (2008). Guidelines for writing research proposals and dissertations. The above resource provides an overall review of the research proposal process. However please note that you will not be going into the depth of the dissertation process this is only meant as a review of pieces of requirements that we will be discussing in this course.  4. Hine G. (2013) The importance of action research in teacher education programs. This is an excellent overview of the action (applied) research practice in teacher education programs.   5. Painter D. (1999) Teacher research could change your practice. NEA. In this article Painter discusses why it is important to conduct research as an educator.   6. Current trends in education. (2012). technology. The above article will help you explore possible topics for your applied research proposal. It also discusses current trends in education around the globe from technology to students teaching teachers.   7. Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab. (n.d.). Where to begin. Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab. Review this information to help narrow a research topic and develop research questions Jun 19 2021