The essay geekSo being able to hear the words in the language I know is also important to me if I want to still be scared for a little bit.

they scare me sometimes a little bit after the movie but if its in another language for me its not as scary. So being able to hear the words in the language I know is also important to me if I want to still be scared for a little bit. For sad movies I feel like hearing the sadness in someone’s voice makes it more real for me and makes me sad. Not a sad movie but I Am Legend has a really sad scene when he has to kill his dog Sam and he’s singing and crying and she’s whimpering while being choked hearing all of this made me cry so hard the first time I watched it I almost stopped watching it because it was so sad. So for me I think hearing is a really important part of watching a movie.(2) Hearing is essential to the emotional component of a movie in many other ways other than music although music is definitely a factor that moves me when I watch a movie. If we couldn’t hear we wouldn’t be able to decipher changes in the actors’ emotions through their vocal pitch if their voice is low and breaking when talking about something upsetting or if they’re happy and they’re rambling about something that excites them. We wouldn’t be able to identify sarcasm or clues as to if someone was being defensive or dishonest in their statements. The way that a line is delivered by an actor the volume behind it and the way that they emphasize certain words can change the meaning of the scene entirely. Aside from actors we also need our hearing to become engulfed in the scene of the movie background noise if the character is in school can tell us whether they’re sitting in an empty classroom or a crowded meeting room if we cannot come to this conclusion visually in the event the camera angle is too narrow. The ability to hear also gives us context clues as to what might happen next in the movie – if we hear rustling when a character is in the woods at nighttime we can assume something unfavorable is about to happen. Loud noises during scary movies have the ability to make for a far more convincing and thrilling movie known typically as jumpscares. When movies are stimulating us visually and when we are listening it allows us to be more submerged in the reality that the filmmaker is trying to make for the viewer. There are so many subliminal things that go into movies so I am looking forward to seeing what the class has to say about this one. IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSSION BOARD Apr 01 2021