The essay geekShe posted on social media that one of her co-workers told her how unorganized she is with her personal life and work. As muc

and still a full-time teacher chef nurse and mother for those children. She posted on social media that one of her co-workers told her how unorganized she is with her personal life and work. As much as I know she wanted to make the situation funny and I knew she was hurt from that comment. I immediately message her reminding her how intelligent and a great worker she is and that her job is not easy being a mother and still supporting them as a single mother. She appreciated my comments and was less hurt about it and continue her day with a positive attitude. I do not reach out to friends as much as I did before but in this type of situation I do try to make their day better and remind them how amazing they are. (2)I did the following two deeds for my coworkers: realized one of my coworkers had left their lunch out in the morning. I think they got distracted and simply forgot to place their lunch in the fridge. I quickly grabbed the lunch and placed it in the fridge for them. I rushed to my office after so that I would not be seen. I realize this was a small deed however I am not completely sure what that lunch was but it could have spoiled if someone had not done that for my coworker. It felt nice to do that small gesture! Additionally I wanted to think of something else that may help more of my coworkers. Most of us bring lunch our own coffee mugs utensils etc. With that said we have a small kitchen area. Most of the time we will leave the dishes there and then remember to wash them before we leave for the day. I took it upon myself to go to the kitchen before the workday ended yesterday and washed all the dishes in the sink. In doing this I hoped that they would be a bit relieved in case they had a busy day and could not find the time to do it themselves. This time I felt even happier being able to help a few of my coworkers.  For my third deed I was trying to think of ways that I can help my neighbors. Since I was dog sitting for my coworker I realized that during my walks with Teddy I can bring an additional bag and pick up any trash that I may see around my apartment complex. In doing this my goal was to make our surroundings a bit cleaner and hopefully welcoming. I can only hope this deed helped my neighbors feel happier to be home. As this was anonymous not sure about their feelings but I would like to think I made a small difference in their day and I was happy to do it.  IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSION BOARD Mar 23 2021