The essay geekReview the article and write a 1000-1500 word report (double-spaced normal sized font). Include a word count at the end of t

you can know that it is acceptable by reviewing the methods section. Review the article and write a 1000-1500 word report (double-spaced normal sized font). Include a word count at the end of the paper. Please ask if you have questions regarding the acceptability of your article choice. Use APA style for your citations title page running head and reference page (no abstract is necessary for this assignment). Be sure to have all parts of the assignment contained in one file.Answer the following questions:What did the article study? What was the hypothesis? How was the hypothesis tested? What were the results? (There is no need to get into technical statistical jargon here; just summarize it). How does this knowledge benefit those who diagnose and treat psychological disorders?  What criticisms do you have about the way the study was conducted? Would you have done anything differently? If so what and how? Why? What did you find most interesting about this study? What did you dislike about this study?Be sure to summarize the results and implications of the study. If you do not understand some part of it work on summarizing the areas you DO understand. At the least aim to understand the abstract results and discussion. Write as if to an educated audience; assume the recipient knows the basics of Abnormal Psych (symptoms diagnosis etc.) Use language that is technical/ professional (ie. avoid slang terms like crazy or mental breakdown or loony bin).To find an article: to “research databases.” You can search using PsycARTICLES or PsycINFO. Look around at the articles until you find one that pertains to Abnormal Psych and catches your interest. You may find it difficult to understand; that’s okay. Just work with the parts you DO understand.How to use APA style (for your title page reference page and in-text citations): there are THREE opportunities to submit an article review of which only ONE is required. You must skip two article review due dates; doing an extra article review will not result in extra points. Mar 15 2021