The essay geekProvide your rationale for why this is relevant to the presenting problem and appropriate to a qualitative design. II. Qualit

identify which of the stated goals/objectives you would plan to focus on in this paper.  Provide your rationale for why this is relevant to the presenting problem and appropriate to a qualitative design.II.                 Qualitative DesignDescribe which qualitative design (or combination of designs) you would plan to use..  Justify your decision.Be clear choosing of qualitative design is in the powerpoint attached go with ethnogragphic interview question and in the powerpoint it shows you what it is. III.              Methods of Initial Data CollectionDescribe in detail how you would implement this evaluation plan.Specifically how would you collect the pre-intervention and post-intervention data?  (When would you assess your client?  When would you evaluate the outcome of the intervention?  In what environment would each occur?  Who would do it?  How exactly?  Specifically what data would you collect?  What questions would you ask what behaviors would you observe and/or what physical evidence would you look for and how is this related to your qualitative research design? How would you or the client record the qualitative data?      IV. Evidence Based Selection of Intervention-You have to actually choose one again in the powerpoint it gives examples that don’t have to be long just clear and to the point on how this intervention could work on this client attached in the case summarya. .Describe the process by which you selected an evidence based intervention with good potential to be successful with this client on this issue.b. Detail your implementation of the intervention.c.   Describe your treatment fidelity check process.    V.  Results and Data Analysisa.  Be specific; provide enough of a sample of the pre- intervention and post-intervention data to develop an understanding of the quality and level of the issues being addressed before and after the intervention.b.  Analyze the differences between the initial data and the intervention data explaining your approach  (How did you determine whether your client got better got worse or did not change?)   IV.              Discussion Limitations and Next stepsa. Discuss what you can conclude based on your results and analysis.a. Describe limitations of this evaluation plan.b. Next steps for your work with this client based on results reported. Mar 14 2021