The essay geek• Population Justification – Why was this particular population selected? How will this particular population help answer the

submit the following for review:• Purpose of the Study – Repeated from Introduction Section• Applied Research Questions – Repeated from Introduction Section• Study Population – demographics of the population that participants will be selected from – i.e. population numbers gender numbers age range grade level(s) socioeconomic status ability level(s) virtual hybrid traditional teaching format etc.  • Population Justification – Why was this particular population selected?  How will this particular population help answer the research questions?• Intervention – Explain what strategy skill technology process etc. will be added to or taken away from the study population that you intend to collect data on.• Intervention Plan – Explain how you will implement the new strategy skill technology process etc. with the student.  Over what time period?  How will you teach it?  What steps will you take to integrate this intervention into current processes?  How will you know if students fully understand the new idea? (THIS IS NOT HOW YOU WILL COLLECT DATA FOR YOUR STUDY.  THIS IS ONLY HOW YOU WILL IMPLEMENT YOUR INTERVENTION.  DATA COLLECTION COMES LATER.)• Sources of Data – Where will the data for research come from? (student scores assessments interviews surveys questionnaires focus groups etc.)  Give a general overview of the various sources you will be collecting data from – NOT HOW YOU WILL COLLECT DATA• Instrumentation – Discuss your sources if they are an instrument in detail (such as surveys questionnaires and assessments).  How many questions will it have?  What type of questions?  Why did you choose this instrument?  How will this instrument help you answer your research questions?This assignment will be assessed by your instructor. Your paper will be assessed on how well the above areas have been covered.  In addition the below aspects will also be assessed:• Page Requirement: The assignment should be a minimum of three pages not including title and reference pages.• APA Formatting: Use APA formatting consistently throughout.• Syntax and Mechanics: Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics such as spelling and grammar. Your written work should contain no errors and be very easy to understand.Please review Unit 3 Written Assignment Rubric  ( to better understand how your paper will be assessed.  References1. Choosing & Using Sources: A guide to academic research. (2020). Teaching & Learning University Libraries. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  o Chapter 7 – Ethical Use of Sourceso Chapter 8 – How To Cite Sourceso Chapter 9 – Making an Argumento Chapter 10 – Writing Tips2. Lencioni P. (2007). Conquer team dysfunction. +Conquer+Team+Dysfunction +Lencoini.pdf  o In the above article the author discusses how trust is developed over time and what creates distrust in teams.  3. NSW Government. (n.d.). Evidence guide for school excellence: Qualitative data. This document provides the benefits and limitations of qualitative research.  4. QuestionPro. (2021). Quantitative research: Definition methods types and examples. site provides an explanation of quantitative research with examples. Jul 04 2021