The essay geekPatients clients and consumers come from a diverse array of backgrounds with a diverse set of life experiences including p

and build self-awareness. Patients clients and consumers come from a diverse array of backgrounds with a diverse set of life experiences including parenting and impacts of parenting. Understanding human development and the lifespan as experienced by human beings across this diverse array can enhance providers’ and helpers’ understandings of the human experience resulting in improved abilities to provide care express empathy and serve those in need.Assignment Instructions:1.     Address/answer questions in each section. Your response to each section must be 250-400 words in length. Please type responses after the provided questions and leave the questions listed prior to your responses (do not delete them).2.     Include a minimum of 2 sources. A minimum of one peer-reviewed journal article must be included. In addition to the journal article other acceptable sources include books documentaries newspaper articles  etc. Please note that Wikipedia blogs or encyclopedias are not credible sources.  3.     Use APA format for the assignment including 12-point Times New Roman font double spacing in-text citations  and reference page. Abstract and running head are not necessary.Section 1. Explain the Issue and Examine Assumptions. In 250-400 words answer the following questions.  Why is it important to consider the topic of parenting styles? What do you hope to learn in your research regarding this topic? Share your research questions. What assumptions might be made regarding the topic of parenting styles? What is the origin of these assumptions? In other words what helped to shape them?Section 2. Research Summary and Examine Perspectives. Explore parenting perspectives in another country compared to the United States. Consider the four different parenting styles described in Chapter 7. What parenting style is most valued in the United States? Why is this the preferred parenting style? Identify a country that values a different parenting style. Why is this the preferred parenting style? Explore the root of these different cultural preferences. What impact do these cultural preferences have to the individuals living in these countries? Use sources to support your responses in this section. Section 3. Build self-awareness of parenting styles and their impacts. Based on the four different parenting styles in Chapter 7 how would you categorize your parents’ parenting styles? Did they share the same parenting style? What impact did your parents’ parenting styles have on you as a child as a teen as an adult? What impact has temperament (yours and/or theirs) had on your parents’ parenting styles (think back to the class discussion on this topic during chapter 4)? What strengths and/or weaknesses did your parents’ parenting styles instill in you and how do these affect you in your present life? If applicable what is your parenting style? How does it compare to that of your parents? If you are not a parent what parenting style would you adopt if you were a parent or in a caregiving role? How will your reflection on the influences of parenting styles impact you in the future? How might you act or think differently? How will your awareness of this topic benefit you in your future work and career assisting others?Section 4. Establish a Connection. What conclusions have you made regarding parenting styles? What new questions have emerged as a result of your research? What future research is needed on this topic and why?References Mar 16 2021