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which can go through many changes. Over time there are many changes that can happen in a specific culture. Cultural markets and cultural forms can go through many changes in society through modernization.Modernization is one of the ways that causes a culture to go through change. When cultures go through modernization they go through many changes that affect the systems in society. Hansen et al. (2012) states how one important aspect of modernization is the adoption of various forms of new technology and how technology is a powerful driver of cultural change. Modernization can affect many aspects of a culture which can include the adoption of new technologies. Culture is also able to undergo social change as a way to adapt to the changes in society.A culture can also undergo change when there are changes being made in a specific area. Smiley Rushing and Scott (2016 ) states how this new progress in bicycling culture in Memphis is empowering a new set of actors who draw on themes of improving their city as well as on generic creative class frames. As the city is going through many developments and changes the culture around the area also changes.  (2)Culture is a broad dynamic concept that encompasses nearly every aspect of human life. It influences our beliefs values and perceptions (Ziyanak N.d.). This framework is fluid as cultures constantly change. Depending on where you are in the world and what period you are looking at the culture will vary greatly. This change occurs for various reasons including the interconnected relationship between cultural forms and markets.A cultural form is a material or non-material expression of culture. We use these forms to convey acknowledge and communicate cultural substance to each other. Cultural forms come in a variety of formats and change drastically through innovation. Innovation improves on existing ideas resulting in the practical implementation of new commodities or services (Ziyanak N.d.). For instance the innovation of technologies such as smartphones has completely transformed how we communicate and consume information. In turn smartphones have become a considerable component of cultural change.At the same time cultural markets work with cultural forms to fuel change. As such innovation simultaneously influences both cultural forms and cultural markets.  For instance in capitalistic societies cultural forms often translate into high-demand commodities (Gartman 2012). This demand drives change as cultural markets actively seek to meet the new production requirements. Furthermore cultural marketing further perpetuates new cultural forms by modifying messaging to target particular cultural groups as potential consumers (Arnould and Thompson 2015).IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TEO DISCUSSION BOARD Oct 22 2021