The essay geekMean __________6. Mode __________7. Median __________Choose the best answer to the following questions. 8. When a test is giv

4 15 9 18 3 12 7 95. Mean __________6. Mode __________7. Median __________Choose the best answer to the following questions.8. When a test is given more than once and the correlation between scores is high this test has:a. internal consistencyb. inter-related reliabilityc. test- retest reliabilityd. low reliability9. If Scale A of a new test of personality type shows a low correlation with Scale G it is showing which type of validity?a. Discriminant evidence.b. Predictive evidence.c. Convergent evidence.d. Concurrent evidence.10. Which correlation coefficient is the highest?a. -0.4b. +0.3c. -0.7d. +0.6Respond to the following questions in approximately 25 to 50 words each.  11. Define “standard deviation” and include the formula for how it is calculated.12. What percentage of scores fall between -1 and +1 standard deviation units on a normal curve? How do you know this?13. What is “face validity” and why is it not considered evidence of validity? Feb 11 2021