The essay geekIf you are still waiting for my feedback for your last assignment you can work on the other sections first (e.g. abstract

we have many people in this class but I will review all files and send you my feedback as soon as possible. If you are still waiting for my feedback for your last assignment you can work on the other sections first (e.g. abstract introduction method references table appendices).  When working on this final paper you may copy and paste your previous project assignments or use your previous files. However make sure that your final submitted paper does not still contain my original comments or track changes/edits in Word. In other words when I open your file I should not see my own comments or track changes I made in your previous files; revise your paper properly. The assigned readings (particularly Chapter 16.3 of the GF textbook and Chapter 3 of the MJO textbook) are meant to help you with writing your research paper. Review them if you need. Go over the sample papers posted on Canvas. You can use the sample papers and examples to guide you but you must write your paper in your own words; do NOT plagiarize or do not simply copy and paste from other people’s work (e.g. samples/examples articles).Descriptions: Your final research paper should contain the following: Title pageAbstractIntroductionMethod (consists of Participants Measures and Procedure subsections)ResultsDiscussionReferencesTableAppendices Do these sections look familiar to you? Yes! You have done all of them already! You just need to revise them turn some parts of your research proposal into a research paper and put them all together. One of the main purposes of submitting these sections at different times is to provide you with the opportunities to improve and revise them based on my feedback for your final paper. This also gives you additional chances to get a better grade on your final paper (which is worth many points) instead of only having one shot at it. As mentioned above at this point you have already done all of them. All that is left is to revise some parts and put all of them together! See this PDF for the instructions and checklist for your final paper: Final Research Paper.pdf download  You will also work on the Response to Feedback document along with your Final Research Paper. See the instructions for that assignment here: Response to Feedback. Here is the grading rubric for the final research paper: Research Paper Rubric.pdf Jul 15 2021