The essay geekIf the organization has a great program already in place think about how you might contribute to what they already have. Cho

or speaker series to the organization to enrich their approach to diversity. If the organization has a great program already in place think about how you might contribute to what they already have.Choose a workplace organization (the one you’re employed with or perhaps one you would like to work for) and review their policies on embracing diversity. A good place to research this information is on a company’s human resources page. You can also look at some public information data for an organization on the Glass Door (Links to an external site.) website. If your organization is a public organization (college university government employment agency or nonprofit) that information will be public and on the organization’s website.For this assignment you should focus on race and ethnicity race but note also that diversity includes ability age religion gender sexuality etc.Consider how this event might help the organization’s staff use their creativity and awareness to imagine a community which truly values diversity.Brainstorm what this community would be like if they had an environment which truly valued racial and ethnic diversity based on the research you conducted.Feel free to explore different sorts of diversity activities listed on the Internet but you must come up with your own activity.Conduct research using scholarly sources to review Affirmative Action policies regarding education and employment as well as making sure you have done all of the reading for this week before completing your assignment.Instructions:Write a 4-page paper or about 1500 words not including the title and reference pages which are required. Be sure to incorporate a clear explanation of your proposed activity in the body of your paper with detail context and analysis. This is important.Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according.Include a formal Reference page. This is an individual paper however you should reflect on our Discussion Forums and incorporate ideas from there as appropriate.You must support your analysis with at least three scholarly references and can include resources from this course. Sources such as Wikipedia  USA Today Fox News or MSNBC news will not be accepted.  Dec 08 2021