The essay geekI walk everywhere and take public transportation to and from work therefore I had several opportunities to pursue this assig

despite this we do make efforts to smile through our masks. I walk everywhere and take public transportation to and from work therefore I had several opportunities to pursue this assignment. The first question asking if it was hard to look people in the face and smile the answer is no. When walking outside here it is common for us to pull our masks down while we remained distanced from each other. Since walking is very common here when passing a stranger I would look at them and give a little smile and maybe a wave. For the most part everyone was responsive and gave me a smile back. Second my coworkers and I always have a tendency to smile and say good morning to each other upon arrival. This was nothing new but it does help set the mood for the day. I would also smile at people within my building but with a mask on of course. Due to being in an elevator or small hallway this would typically lead to a slight conversation such as hi how are you? etc. Most importantly I have learned from this assignment that if you give people even the slightest smile or a simple hello it can really make their day. You never know what someone is going through therefore a simple gesture can really change their tone for the day  (2)Every time I go out of the house whether it is Walmart HEB or the corner store I smile at everyone. Some people smile back so I assume that they can tell I am smiling behind my mask and others do not. I try to make the crinkles around my eyes show so that people can tell I am smiling. The people that I personally know are my family and my kids my kids smiled back my mom and dad smiled back but my brother gave me grief because he and I have a morbid sense of humor so smiling could be anything.  This week I have been to Walmart Pic Pac convince store Emily’s The Mill the mailbox  and Farmers Market almost everyone I smiled at smiled back. Some people did not look at me and others maybe could not tell if I was smiling. On my way to the mailbox (which is down the street and around the corner literally) people wave and say hi  we smile at each other because we are not wearing masks. I also go out almost every day for my thirty-minute walk kids smile back sometimes the crosswalk lady smiles and waves to me if I act first. I sell Scentsy so it is ideal for me to look at everyone I pass by; I smile and sometimes I say hi or hello. It is normal for me to look people in the eye and greet them.  I found that by smiling at people sometimes it can brighten my day and even theirs. If I add a “hello” or a “hi” they seem to be more relaxed. If the person waited on me I smile and say  “thank you and have a nice day/night” this also seems to brighten people’s day/night. You would be amazed at how many people are not used to someone saying thank you when they have helped someone or waited on them. Just this gesture can make someone’s whole day/night and it clearly makes them smile as well.  IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSSION BOARD Mar 18 2021