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they were still in place and a govern give protection. I use all these in my daily life for work. I work at a daycare and it is crucial that all the employees and kids have screenings wear masks (if over two) and wash hands frequently etc. There is a risk everywhere you go but a daycare has young children who are not always capable of not being super spreader. As they have runny noses cough etc. especially babies they rely on us to care for them. How this relates to the brain is that COVID can cause headaches brain fog and rarely brain issues. (2) The first thing that I thought about when I read the topic for this assignment is headgear for boxing and martial arts sparring. I’ve been boxing and training MMA for many years and there has always been this discussion around whether headgear really works. Most legit bigger gyms will require the participants to wear headgear while they are going full contact in their sparring. I read this book a few years back called Fight Like a Physicist by Jason Thalken. In this book he discusses the physic’s behind the impact when someone gets jarred or fully knocked out.     Typically what happens is that the fighter get’s his head snapped so quickly in any direction that their brain smacks against the inside of their skull. This is more likely to occur when the fighter doesn’t see the punch or kick coming and they are unable to brace or hunch their neck down. When their head whips around and their neck is loose the impact of the brain hitting the side of their skull shuts their lights out. The author of the book actually suggest that fighters/boxers train without headgear. He believes that although the bigger headgear reduces the impact of the blows you see coming it also adds more weight to your skull causing your head to snap harder when you get hit.     I try to limit the amount of hard-sparring I do today considering how many years I’ve been training and all the new information I see coming out about CTE and TBI. These both concern me very much. Maybe it’s time to go full on jiu-jitsu? IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSSION BOARD Mar 14 2021