The essay geekI recommend reviewing the following chapters/sections if you need:Chapter 16.3 of the Gravetter & Forzano (GF) textbookChapte

11:59 PM Preparation: The assigned readings for Week 2 are meant to help you write your research paper. I recommend reviewing the following chapters/sections if you need:Chapter 16.3 of the Gravetter & Forzano (GF) textbookChapter 3 of the Mitchell Jolley & O’Shea (MJO) textbookAPA APA Everywhere page on Canvas Carefully go over the instructions below and the Participants sub-section and table within the sample papers posted on Canvas.Note that these sample papers are NOT the sample proposals you have already gone over.You can use the sample papers and examples to guide you. However write your study/paper in your own words; do not plagiarize or do not simply copy and paste from other people’s work (e.g. samples/examples articles). Check out the Common Writing Issues and Questions page while you write as well as before you finalize and submit your assignment.  Instructions: Last week (Week 4) you completed your proposal which included a Method section. Now let’s turn the Participants subsection you wrote for the proposal into the Participants subsection for your research paper. For your Participants subsection:Unlike the proposal past tense should be used here as our data collection has been completed. Use the results provided on pages 6 and 7 of this PDF: Participants.pdf download   Make a table to show the basic demographic information of your sample including:agebiological sex (if you like you can use the term gender for this project)ethnicityYou do not need to report the smoking status unless “smoking” is the demographic variable you chose for your project.  Because you will report the demographic characteristics of the sample in a table you do not need to repeat the same numbers again in text. However mention “Table 1” in your Participants subsection so that readers know where to find the demographic information. See the examples on pages 3-5 of the the PDF (Participants.pdf download ). Note that the numbers reported in these examples are not the actual data of our research project (these are just examples). Check pages 6 and 7 of the PDF for the actual data.  In an APA-style paper tables and figures would be placed after the References section and before the Appendices. However for this assignment (but not for the final research paper) you can place the table on the same page as the Participants sub-section.Here are some resources to help you make an APA-style table.APA APA Everywhere page on CanvasTables and Figures from the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)Table Setup from the American Psychological Association (APA)Use the following style and format:Type your Participants subsection and make the table in a word document.The format of the paper/assignment should be APA style. It must be typed double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed using 12-point Times New Roman font.There is no page limit for this assignment; however be comprehensive yet concise.Use complete sentences and check your grammar punctuation spelling and word usage.A title page running head and page numbers are not needed for this assignment. (Note: however they must be included in your final paper).Instead of look at or see use conduct examine study assess observe measure count etc.Use because or as instead of since. Use since only when referring to time (meaning “after”).Limit the use of while to its temporal meaning (i.e. events that occur simultaneously). Consider using although even though whereas etc.Points will be deducted if your paper/assignment does not adhere to the required format/style.Save your file regularly. When you are done upload your saved word document (.doc or .docx) here on Canvas.The document you submit must be one of these file types: docx or doc.Please make sure that the file you upload is the final draft. Only one submission is allowed so you may not revise the document again after you upload and submit the assignment.Note: for this assignment in the file you submit you only need to have the Participants subsection and the table; you do NOT need to submit the entire proposal again. In other words when I open your file for this assignment I should only see your Participants subsection and table.This assignment must be completed and submitted individually as indicated in the course syllabus. Let the instructor know if you have any questions or concerns about this assignment.Again see pages 6-7 of the PDF (Participants.pdf download ) for the demographic information of the participants. Also remember to go over the sample papers on Canvas and the examples on pages 3-5 of the PDF. Use them as a guide when writing your Participants subsection and research paper.Note that the sample papers are NOT the sample proposals you have already gone over. They are research papers (not proposals) so be sure to go over them. Jun 22 2021