The essay geekI quickly discovered about the age of 11 that I had some natural talent when it came to being on the tennis court. While my l

T-ball softball baseball basketball and tennis.  I quickly discovered about the age of 11 that I had some natural talent when it came to being on the tennis court.  While my love for the other sports remained my focus became tennis.  I played on school teams for 6 years lettered as a freshman and made regional play offs all 4 years of high school.   I continued to grow and become a better player in both the mental and physical sides of the game throughout my high school career.Cognitive/ psychological development: How did you perform in school? How was this indicative of your cognitive development during this period?            Typically I was an A/B student during school.  I was mostly at school for the social aspect of school and tended to stay in trouble for talking in class.  I could have been a better student had I put forth any real effort but I usually did just enough to get by and pass my classes to maintain eligibility to play tennis.  These grades typically came easy for me and never struggled in any classes even advanced placement courses.  I feel my cognitive development was typical and possibly even a little advanced I just did not apply myself with any great effort in my learning. Social/ emotional development:How did you form your own sense of identity? Walk through your identity development.           I was always a heavy kid and that impacted my sense of identity hugely growing up.  I fostered a great sense of humor that I used as a coping mechanism and often cracked jokes about myself first to beat them to the punch.  I developed thick skin that allowed me to pretend things didn’t bother me as much as they did typically playing off the sting with a joke even at my own expense.  I found myself going out of my way to make others feel accepted and not overlooked because they were different.  I would deflect the attention back to me and my short falls to keep someone else from being bullied.   I think this played a major part in why I am an empath and the way that I live my life even today.  My humor is still one of my favorite things about me and I wonder if life had been easier would I have developed that unique trait so in hindsight I am grateful that it wasn’t always easy.  Putting it all together:Discuss the experience of gathering this information and understanding your adolescent years in light of the information you know now through this course.           Reflecting back on my adolescents was an eye opening experience.  As I have done my reading for this class I have found myself identifying with things along the way.  With my parents I had a very secure attachment style not realizing how much I valued knowing they would always be there for me even when we were physically separated.  I identified with the changes discussed in adolescent girls and part of the reading that discussed the body image issues that plague young girls.  These thoughts and dislike for my physical appearance hindered relationships through high school but allowed me to develop a self-concept that loved who I was as a person even with my self-esteem didn’t always agree.  I wish I had loved myself more as a teenager but am grateful I that I have learned to love myself and to be in a profession that allows me to share this journey with teens and perhaps help them find their self-esteem long before they are forty. (2)Biological and Physical DevelopmentI was horrible about the way I reacted to the changes in my body – particularly in the form of arguing with my mother more frequently. Whether it was my attitude or my clothing choices it was always a confrontation because I didn’t like the fact I was developing and more so developing quicker than the rest of my peers.Cognitive and Psychological Development.I performed really well in school overall – graduating 35th out of 335 students in my graduating class. Teachers always liked having me in class because I brought different perspectives just to be different and interesting. I think it shows my cognitive development was on par or ahead of my peers.Social/Emotional DevelopmentMy vision for my future involved moving out of my small Texas town going to a big university then law school and ending up working for myself as a high power attorney. Life went literally nothing like that but the values that were instilled in me by my parents to go to college and get a while collar job were front and center in most conversations my junior and senior year. The goal I had for that plan was to get out of a place where I had known everyone my whole life for something new and exciting.Putting It TogetherIt was definitely uncomfortable thinking about myself from 12-18 when I’m now a few weeks away from 36. The level of growth I’ve had since 18 alone is nearly 20 years’ worth and I believe I changed and experienced much more in those 20 years than my first 20. But I also think overall I had a pretty normal adolescence. I don’t think answering only one question gives an in depth or fully accurate view of my adolescence. But knowing what I know now I think I can say with confidence the things I experienced were normal.IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSSION BOARD Sep 16 2021