The essay geekFairness and love were the least surprising to me initially. After thinking about it though honesty and kindness pretty much

social intelligence honesty and kindness. Fairness and love were the least surprising to me initially. After thinking about it though honesty and kindness pretty much go hand and hand with fairness and love. I was almost one hundred percent sure that I was going to get forgiving as one one of my top five but I can see why it followed closely after my other top five.  Social intelligence was the one that I stumbled on the most but after reading what it meant it made complete sense to me. Social intelligence is all about knowing what makes others tick and being able to fit into different social situations. I serve and bartend for a living and in this job you quickly master social intelligence because the better you are with people the better money you make! Also because every restaurant and bar has a different kind of environment I have learned how to adjust quickly so that I am better able to fit in with whatever kind of environment it is. (2)My five strengths were Judgment Honesty Love Fairness and Hope. Honesty was one of my predictions because I’m simply too afraid to lie out of fear of worse punishment than telling the truth. Judgement was definitely not what I was expecting simply because while I am sometimes hesitant to make big decisions at times due to many of them carrying consequences that I know I will come across later I do consider myself a somewhat curious person it comes to certain topics. I didn’t expect love either since while I consider myself a kindhearted person I was expecting to get kindness instead but maybe love could be considered as just an upgrade of kindness though I do love quite a lot of things in the world as well as the people who are closest to me. I actually initially considered fairness one of my weaknesses as I do have trouble standing up for myself or for others but looking at it further I can understand why this is a strength since I consider myself a middle-ground kind of person when it comes to judging something or someone at least wanting to hear out both sides before I decide how I feel about something. Although I didn’t expect Hope I wasn’t too surprised given that I try to maintain a positive outlook even through times as bleak as the pandemic though I don’t always succeed.IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THIS TWO DISCUSSION BOARD Mar 12 2021