The essay geekEuphoria cannot be controlled however I believe that if someone was sad enough in life they might be able to avoid the stat

or just when you are in an extreme state of happiness. Euphoria cannot be controlled however I believe that if someone was sad enough in life they might be able to avoid the state of euphoria. Although it is not a negative state and most people seek it in order to feel good. I believe that someone could reach euphoria on purpose if they went through the steps to obtain it. They could easily try drugs or sex in order to reach a euphoric state. However it only last a short period of time and will fade but it can always be reached again. (2)One of the first altered states of consciousness I thought of was meditation. Meditation is a temporary state of altered conscious that is under our own control. I thought meditation was a good choice since we are conscious but our mind is in an altered state. Meditation occurs when we limit our sensory experiences and focus on relaxing our bodies and being intentional with our thoughts. There is quite a bit of knowledge and understanding of meditation and how it can improve our mental state and offer an alternative more relaxing state of consciousness. Another altered state of consciousness I thought of was the use of drugs or alcohol whether that be depressants stimulants or hallucinogens each of these can affect our consciousness levels. Depending on the dosage of drugs or the use of alcohol we could become intoxicated or under the influence causing us to be in a state of consciousness that could impair our motor functioning or even cause us to hallucinate. Drugs or alcohol would be a temporary controlled altered state of consciousness. Finally my last thought of an altered state of consciousness would be dissociation. This is something that is normally out of the control of people but it is temporary. It can be as simple as just “zoning out” in the middle of a conversation to something more serious like a dissociative disorder in which someone dissociates to cope as a response to trauma. Dissociation varies from person to person but it usually involves feeling detached from reality which is why I would consider it an altered state of consciousness. IN 3-4 LINES RESPOND TO THI TWO DISCUSSION BOARD Apr 01 2021