The essay geekDon’t worry about a secondary target unless this should be the person you would start a campaign against. Imagine a couple of

why this is the correct target. Don’t worry about a secondary target unless this should be the person you would start a campaign against. Imagine a couple of other possible targets and explain why they aren’t the right ones to focus on for your campaign?4)        A) Define your constituencies potential allies (if they are different) and the key groups in your opposition. What strengths and weaknesses might this constituency have with respect to organizing (possible splits etc).            –For every major group what do they gain or lose if you win this issue?           B) Discuss any other key resources you have access to and key barriers that you might face not discussed above. Why are these important?           C) Discuss research that would be important to complete where relevant.5)        Map out your strategy. Include: an initial tactic and two alternatives for second tactics given two possible imagined responses of your opposition. Assume you have already asked nicely and the answer was no so it’s time to apply some pressure.           Give enough detail about the actions that they can adequately be evaluated under the criteria for good actions in question 6.Constructing this strategy requires you to imagine how a thoughtful opposition might respond In other words you are talking about what might happen not what has already happened. Think of this as like a role-playing session happening before the campaign and you are the organizer trying to help your leaders understand what might happen and what they might do in response so they are ready when reality hits.Note why these responses are likely given the goals of your opponent and the discussion in the textbook about how targets often respond.   TEXTBOOK:**Readings for this assignment are pages 219-279 Jun 26 2021