The essay geekDescribe these accommodations in your lesson plan. Assume the child you choose is in the same age range as the children in th

identify accommodations that would maximize his or her participation in a creative activity.  Describe these accommodations in your lesson plan.  Assume the child you choose is in the same age range as the children in the classroom where you are completing this activity.1. Jason has severe visual impairments.  He can see some contrasts between bright and dark and can perceive some movement.  He has limited experience and skills interacting with peers and tends to play by himself although peers do not avoid him.  He has no diagnosed cognitive impairments.  His lack of vision however  makes it harder for him to learn about concepts and objects because he is dependent upon manual exploration combined with oral communication from others. 2. Julia is profoundly deaf.  She has hearing aids to amplify her residual hearing is learning to read lips and communicates using a combination of signs and vocalizations.  She has no diagnosed cognitive delays and her understanding of concepts appears typical for her age.  She shows some social delays but these may be a result of her deafness.  For example she tries hard to interact with peers but often becomes frustrated when they ignore her or fail to understand her.  When this occurs she may have tantrums or simply withdraw into solitary play.3. Jerry is confined to a wheelchair and has no movement or sensation below the waist due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident. His cognitive and language development are normal for his age and he has full use of his hands and arms.  He does not hesitate to request materials or ask to be moved to another area and sometimes expresses his frustration loudly if no one responds quickly.  He sometimes plays happily with peers when they are nearby and will go along with his preferences but is often seen playing alone if peers have other ideas or he cannot keep up with them. Mar 25 2021