The essay geekDecision: Make a decision and state it clearly including why it is best. Justify it and defend it against criticism. How wil

and compile all of the elements from the previous weeks into a coherent paper analyzing an ethical dilemma in the workplace.Decision: Make a decision and state it clearly including why it is best. Justify it and defend it against criticism. How will you carry it out? Who will object to the decision? What are the weaknesses of the decision? How will you defend the decision? Explain how you would solve the problem and whether your solution is ethical and legal. This section should be at least two pages.The paper must contain all of the sections from previous weeks and have these section headings.Introduction: Explain why you chose the topic why it is important and timely and why others should care about it too.Background of the Real Case: Focus in on the particular case.  Show how this case is a good fit based on your topic choice.Ethical Dilemmas: Explain the ethical dilemmas raised by this particular case.  What makes this case challenging?Application of Ethical Theory: Consider how the ethical dilemmas would be resolved by different schools of ethical thought.Application of the Law: What are the legal ramifications of this case?  Are any laws being broken?  Is there any pending legislation?Potential Solutions and Impacts: Analyze various ways of solving the problem based on the application of different ethical theories.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of each possible solution?Decision: Assume the decision is yours alone to make.  Make the final decision and defend it against potential objections.References: Sources must be cited and documented using APA style.The paper should include all of the areas above. It should be written in your own words and be well researched well reasoned and well documented. Your assignment will be graded on your demonstrated understanding and application of course material your critical thinking and creative solutions and your organization and grammar. Please refer to the Ethical Dilemma Project Overview in the Introduction and Resources Module for details. Please review the rubric and don’t forget to submit your assignment. Dec 08 2021