The essay geekBefore going online to do the VIA think about what you feel your strengths are and what you might see as areas that are not

I want you to do this assessment in the following way: Before going online to do the VIA think about what you feel your strengths are and what you might see as areas that are not so strong. Go to  and click in the top middle area on Take the VIA survey here. On this next page scroll down to the two click here areas and click the top one to see the list and description of the survey strengths. Study that list and pick out 5 strengths in which you think you are strongest. Also find 3 that you think may be your weaker ones. Remember everyone has a combination of strengths and weaknesses. Record your selections on a paper.2. Now on the homepage of the VIA click on Register to take the survey and fill out the registration.  When you do so it will then allow you to take the 120 question test. The test actually will not take that long although it sounds like it. Take the test as honestly as possible and remember that there are no right or wrong answers. There will be times that you will not be sure what degree of answer to put but do your best.3. When you have taken and submitted the test you should get a response back telling you the strengths that have been identified. Compare that response to those you first wrote on your paper. Do they agree?  Are there some surprises?  Also you should be able to see those that are your weaker characteristics. Are they what you expected? The top five strengths are what are called your Signature Strengths. These are what you use on a daily basis.4. Now after thinking about the results write the paper using the questions in #3 as a guide. Be sure to also talk about any strengths that you thought you had that did not show up high in your list. You can talk about any of your impressions about the test itself what you thought you knew about yourself and how well that correlated with what the test found. This is meant to be a self exploration and write anything you wish on this subject but do not write anything that is of a sensitive nature that you do not wish to talk about. I and our coach will be the only ones reading your paper.Submit your document to the Week 1 Homework drop box by following the instructions below.Rubric VIA Survey VIA Survey Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Do bottom 3 Strengths before taking test 5 ptsDo Top 5 strengths before taking test 5 ptsDescribe top 5 strengths after taking test 8 pts Describe bottom 3 strengths after taking test 8 pts Proofing 4 ptsTotal Points: 30 Mar 11 2021