The essay geekAssume that you are a manager of a business or industry who needs to develop a 5-minute training video on the topic you selec

and engaging slides.Assume that you are a manager of a business or industry who needs to develop a 5-minute training video on the topic you selected for your Course Dilemma Project. The video should address the ethical and legal problem you identified in your paper and educate new and/or existing employees on what is wrong and why they should do _____ instead of _____ to eliminate the problem or solve it when they face it.Prepare a presentation that clearly demonstrates right conduct concerning the issue and explains why this ethical-legal issue in the workplace matters. The training video should have entertainment value as well as educational value.You will create an an audio or audiovisual narrative approximately 5 minutes long. The easiest way to do this is by using the recording feature in PowerPoint. You are required to use audio but may choose to video as well if you have the ability to do so.The presentation should contain the following content.A title slide that features your topic selection your name A slide that depicts the topic and case selectedA slide that notes the sources found through research in the Week 3 assignmentA slide that lists the ethical dilemma and the three theoriesA slide that shows which laws or codes apply; cite sources on the slideA slide that gives possible solutions and impacts on stakeholdersA slide that gives your solution and your rationale for choosing itA conclusion that shows how the solution can be applied in the workplaceReferences slideSources must be cited on individual slides and documented on a References slide using APA style.Cite at least three sources–these may be the same sources used for the Week 3 assignment but you are welcome to add more sources as wellPlease refer to the Ethical Dilemma Project Overview in the Introduction and Resources Module for details. You will be graded on your demonstrated understanding of the ethical dilemma overall slide quality (visual appeal grammatical correctness accuracy) and overall audiovisual presentation quality (clear voice smooth delivery).Please see the rubric for the presentation below.Remember to submit your assignment. Dec 13 2021