The essay geekAre the developmental theorists right about the stage of adolescence? Do theoretical concepts and research findings help you

in order to make connections between your experience and the theoretical ideas proposed by prominent scholars. Are the developmental theorists right about the stage of adolescence? Do theoretical concepts and research findings help you to make better sense of what occurred during your adolescent years? By reflecting on your own experience and making theoretical links you will hopefully be reminded of – and develop greater empathy for – the adolescent experience. As educators you must always demonstrate compassion and understanding for the teens with whom you work as they trying to make sense of their changing worlds. Therefore your written assignment will have three parts: Part 1: A Discussion of Your Personal Experience During Adolescence. The questions below should help to guide your discussion.What was your life like during your adolescent years (early middle late adolescence)?How was your relationship with your family (parents/ siblings)?How was your relationship with your peers (classmates/ friends)?Were you easy or difficult to get along with?How were your relationships with your teachers? Were you a good student?How would you describe your identity during this time (e.g. racial identity; gender identity; etc.)?What were your goals during this time (e.g. to go to college to have a romantic partner to “fit in ” etc.)?What concerns did you have? What challenges did you experience during this time (e.g. your worries/ doubts)? Part 2: A Discussion Connecting Your Personal Experiences to TheoryWere the ideas discussed in your readings representative of your experience during your adolescent years? Think about the theories and factors associated with adolescent development.In reflecting on your adolescent years do you feel that today’s youth experience many of the same challenges and discoveries that young people did in previous generations? Think of the history of adolescence.Part 3: A Discussion of Educational ImplicationsHow does linking your experiences to theory increase your knowledge of the adolescent experience?How will you utilize this information in your work with adolescents in an educational setting? Submit a paper which is 3-4 pages in length exclusive of the reference page double-spaced using 12 point Times New Roman font. The paper must be well written and cite at least 2 outside sources in APA format.  Check all content for grammar spelling and be sure that you have properly cited all resources (in APA format) used. Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a free website that provides excellent information and resources for understanding and using the APA format and style. The OWL website can be accessed here: will be assessed using this rubrics. Sep 03 2021