The essay geek4. Use proper grammar and punctuation. 5. Be thorough and thoughtful. C is an average work. If you want an A or B you need t

non-italicized font for the answer.4. Use proper grammar and punctuation. 5. Be thorough and thoughtful.  C is an average work. If you want an A or B you need to above average (B) or way above average (A). 6. Do not plagiarize. Familiarize yourself with plagiarism so you know what it is and how to avoid it.  7. You must use TurnItIn (submit through Canvas- Turnitin system is already integrated within Canvas you do not need to sign up or enroll in Turnitin.)This will help you avoid plagiarism. It will also give you feedback on your grammar. If Turnitin gives you an orange or red flag this strongly suggests you have plagiarized. Rewrite your paper. No credit will be awarded for plagiarized inappropriate vague or failed uploads. If you do not see a similarity score (Turnitin) on your end it means that your paper was not uploaded correctly or the file is incompatible with Canvas. I can’t grade the paper if I do not have it. Papers sent through an email will not be accepted.  Jun 27 2021