The essay geek17 no. 2 April 1985 p. 189. Some experts claim BMI (Body Mass Index) as the most accurate and simple way to determine the

A.G. Nelson A.G. Fisher FACSM Human Performance Research Center Brigham Young University Provo Utah 84602 as listed in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise vol. 17 no. 2 April 1985 p. 189.Some experts claim BMI (Body Mass Index) as the most accurate and simple way to determine the effect of weight on your health. Meanwhile in September 2000 the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study showing that body-fat percentage may be a better measure of your risk of weight-related diseases than BMI.An important question that arises is whether there is a relationship between ‘Body Fat Percentage’ and ‘Body Mass Index’ as a predictor.Body Mass Index is defined as With the use of the statistical techniques used in this programme (especially simple linear regression) explain whether BMI can be used to explain the Body Fat percentage for an individual based on the dataset provided. Clearly explain and interpret your results.Use introduction body paragraph and conclusion headingsYour paper should have 1 500 words maximumAt least 5 references of an academic or scholarly source are required for this paper.  You are expected to use academic sources in peer-reviewed databases or Internet sources such as: “.org” “.edu” “.mil” “.gov” .zm  Sources not allowed are Dictionaries wikis or blogs.Use APA writing style for in-text citations and each reference source that you use.  Remember all wording that is not your own must be cited.Limit the use of direct quotes. Direct quotes should not exceed 1/4 page in total.  Deductions will result if this rule is violated.The cover sheet should include name and course informationInclude a reference page in APA styleYou can access the file by clicking the link below:BodyFatBMI.xlsx Jun 28 2021