The essay geek(1) The topic of the assigned reading(2) At least five main things you learned from the assigned reading. Please note – these

with an in-depth discussion of each point.(1) The topic of the assigned reading(2) At least five main things you learned from the assigned reading. Please note – these should be substantive things learned from the assigned reading. List and discuss each point. Please ensure that I can clearly identify the issues you are discussing. Label them (a b c. –; or i ii iii etc.). DO NOT COPY THE SUMMARY OF THE CHAPTER! YOU WILL RECEIVE ZERO POINTS IF YOU DO!(3) What is/was not clear to you; please indicate the page number so I can respond accordingly. If you understood everything please say so. Let me know exactly what you do not understand.(4) What made you think and why (please discuss the what and the why). Just listing a few points will not guarantee you any point. Please explain why?DUE DATE: October 24 2021 by 11:59 PM POINTS will be allotted as follows:(1) The topic of reading – 2 Point(2) List and discuss at least five significant arguments/things you learned from the assigned reading – 15 Points(3) What is/was not clear to you – please identify the page – 2 Points(4) What made you think? – 6 PointsNext Separate critical thinking question and response from discussion board:Chapter 11 – Probation and ParoleWeek 11 – DISCUSSION BOARD # 11Instructions:  These assignments need to be completed in the time allotted. Students will be required to post one (1) initial response to the posted activity/questions and AT LEAST TWO (2) supplemental responses based on another student’s post. Your response to your classmate’s posts should add to the discussion (i.e. reflecting on their response asking questions etc.). Students who fail to participate in the weekly discussions or respond that show they have not read and understood the material will not receive their participation mark for the week.  All responses should address the issues raised and not attack the student who raised the questions or arguments. Please ensure that your response is your own thoughts using all assigned materials – don’t rely on your personal opinion or only on quotes from the textbook.The best way to improve your discussion-post scores is to reply to my comments and questions. You are expected to post high-quality messages (e.g. well-written addressing multiple perspectives citing sources etc.) related to the discussion topic. Your grade for discussion boards will be based on both the quantity and quality of your contributions. In other words I will keep track of how often you post meaningful substantive contributions to class discussion. I will also consider whether your contributions demonstrate responsiveness to the reading assignments my posts and your classmates’ posts.Please post your initial discussion board response by 11:59 PM on Wednesday of the week the discussion opens. You must then log in throughout the rest of the period for the discussion activity and submit a minimum of two replies to your classmates’ posts. Discussions will close by 11:59 PM on Sunday.Discussion Board Activities:There are services available for parolees that will facilitate their successful transition from prison to the community. Discuss some of these services. Are they widely available across the country? If not why are parolees not able to access these services? Discuss with your classmates. Oct 23 2021